Don't have a sound in Ardour

My env: Scarlett 2i4 (2nd gen). Ardour 5 (the latest), Linux Mint, using ALSA for simplicity.

I can record audio tracks. Sound levels running up and down when I’m recording a microphone but afterwards I can’t play it. It plays but I hear nothing. I can open my recording in the project folder and manually play it with some media player. So it recorded successfully. But what’s wrong with playing it in Ardour? How to solve it?

I record and play successfully in Audacity but not in Ardour. Maybe something wrong with output settings but where to configure it?

Check if your monitor is set to “IN” or “DISK” [ -> the number 7 in the picture].

You’ve probably already done this, but, just to be sure: in the mixer view, or you can do the tracks one at a time in editing view, right click on the bottom of each track module and make sure the right output is elected: to listen to playback I have to choose 1 & 2 for my hardware, and I have to choose master for exporting after mixing. Since, your export works when played back through another media player, your output might be set on master. Make sure each track is set to your recording interface for listening to playback in Ardour. Anyway, good luck.


I would recommend patching the Master to 1&2 (Or the monitor bus if you are using that) and patching the tracks to the master for most other things, that should get you audio fine and is the default setup for Ardour. It will also make sure everything is routed through the master for overall processing should you choose, and make sure what you are hearing is representative of your mix.


It isn’t exactly clear, are you trying to listen to audio through your Scarlett as well, or are you using a built in sound card or something else to listen to the audio? If you are using the Scarlett definitely check your routing, first question is are the meters jumping on your master track when you play back? If not, you need to route your track to the master. If they are, make sure your master is routed out your Scarlett.

If you are trying to use different devices… well short answer is that isn’t recommended.


Seablade, thanks, I will try that.

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