Done with appx 154% free&open software, your comments, gentlemen...

Here it is:

Done on a 2005 single core laptop, basically, I just wanted to rehearse guitar with a sound that gave me a kick, but it turned into a song. Mixed to sound equally poor on big and small (mobile) speakers, and a bit long… …but you are to comment.

If whished for, I could upload a version of the project for others to play around with.

Hi GMaq, now I can comment a little more. BTW, I’ve posted the ardour project for the song/sketch over at linuxmusicians, for all to play with. As for the imagination needed to get these sounds out of an acoustic - not much, really, it’s a low-mid-range Yamaha with a piezo pickup and active electronics, so it has a high output, next you have to know that an electromagnetic pickup on an electric guitar behaves somewhat like a lowpass with a pronounced peak, since the eq on the gutiar is 3 band with a parametric mid range, I can do a lot there, then for solos another single band parametric & possibly compressor before the gx amp simulator. The reverb maybe isn’t that, it’s a L/C/R delay, only the center is used as audible echo, L & R are somewhere between 10 and 25ms to make the sound fat. I happen to be an admirer of Allan Holdsworth, who apparantly once even designed an effect for Korg that did similar things with 8 taps. The only reverb (errh, nearly) in the song is amsynth’s inbuilt, and it sounds more like a weird effect, as you can hear at the very beginning. Actually, the guitar sound is more complex even, I had an extra bus each for a clean sound with compression and chorus, and for an experiment to get singing overtones, so that’s another parametric to amplify the flageolet overtone range, an ‘over-compressor’ to make a violin effect where the sound swells over time, a vibrato or wet only chorus, and then, but I’m not so convinced with that, a pitch shifter 1 oct up and yes, a reverb there to mask both the synthetic sound of the pitch shifter and the somewhat arbitrary response of the compressor. So I’ve used this 3 channel group with varied settings to record all guitars, the ones that do the 3-over-4 repetitive lick in two voices, have the largest audible amount of this ‘overtone-effect’ feat. a reverb, and in some parts of the solo it even does what I wanted it for. There would be some limitations to using an acoustic w/ overdrive on stage, but Jonathan Butler is an example that it can be done.

On another note, I’ve just transferred the project from the old Dell (1.5GHz single core) to a packard-bell with a dual core AMD something at 2.5GHz and 4 vs. 2GB RAM, but the perceived performance improvement is 20-40% only. Both machines run unupdated KXStudio 14.04.4 i386 , i.e. an .iso from 2015, 3.13 rt kernel. Any ideas? What am I missing?

And I can respect that it’s primarily a tool for Ardour devs to get/stay in touch with their user base. That said, it’s not beyond me to simply post on my own thread if I feel it deservers a second chance to get noticed, but I’m aware that this should be an exception.
I’m off to my forest home and have an empty.battery, so a detailed response will have to wait.




Very impressive! Love the big fat bass patch and kudos to you for the imaginative use of the acoustic guitar! Great Reverbs as well. Thanks for sharing!

BTW this forum is great for discussing Ardour but VERY hit and miss with feedback on actual productions, I’ve posted full albums here and heard crickets and later posted some offhand whim and been surprised at the reception it got. It’s nothing personal, it’s simply a very small forum subsection of a very small niche userbase with extremely varied tastes in music.

Oooh, still no comments :frowning: :slight_smile: o.O

Here is a little snip of an attempt to take the song into a new direction