Donator OS X plugin saving

Just thinking that maybe it would be nice if people who had donated to download Ardour 3 for Linux could download a version of the Mac beta with plugin saving support.

That is if plugin saving support is disabled because of the Ardour 3.1 beta being free and not because of a technical issue, otherwise disregard this.

@ixcamic: when the RELEASE version of A3 is ready, all subscribers will have full, free access to it. But what is out there right now is a beta test version, for reasons I have explained in a different post (here;

It is a huge amount of work for me to set up a new additional download "path" to cover a beta release that is still fully featured for subscribers but not for others. The priority right now is to get enough feedback from OS X users to know that things are in a good enough place to release 3.1 for OS X.

Ok, 'twas just a suggestion if it was something not that hard to do, because being able to run full non-crippled session in A3 would possibly help get a bit more feedback. However I probably underestimated how much work it is to set up another download path and compile another version of every release.

Anyhow, I’ve installed the beta and I’m trying it out now, I’ll definitely let you know if I find any bugs.