Ok, So, I’ve used Ardour just to try out many moons ago, and never used for any projects. I did like it though. Now I wanted to try the new version with AU and VST supported, so I’ve donated and downloaded the MAC OSX version. If I want also to try the Linux version, do I have to donate again? Not that I wouldn’t, but just seems strange. Shouldn’t one donation open the port for both downloads?


Yes and no. For the most part the 2.8.2 version cleans up the vast majority of bugs on OS X. There are a few bugs in 2.8.2 that have been fixed in SVN, and will be part of 2.8.3, but not to many, and they are not OS X specific.


Yes, that’s what I plan to do. BUT, as soon as I get it really running with my setup, and at least some VST plugins. I’ll become a monthly subscriber if I can really WORK with Ardour. Up until now I didn’t do anything with it other than lowsy tests.

So, maybe I just donate again when a new OSX version is out, and this time, I’ll make sure I’m logged. I’ve heard that the current version has bugs wich will be ironed out when 2.8.3 is out…

You don’t have to donate a lot more…

… or you can just become a monthly subscriber and download Ardour as many times as you wish :wink:

You will often find more up to date and better built packages there than you will find in the Ubuntu repos.


OK, I’m happy with the 2.8.2 on OSX by now. Enough for a few tests I want to do anyway.

I was thinking. Can I install Ardour on my LINUX Ubuntu Hardy automatically? Any repositories for the 2.8.2 or should I have to build it myself?


If you donated while being logged in and you downloaded the 2.8.x version, any other download for this version is free.
Anyway, source download is always free, even if you do not donate anything.

On the other hand, the more you donate, the better it is :smiley:

For the record, AU support is only on a Mac, and VST support is only through WINE on Linux, not really ‘support’ so much as they may work;)


to be clear: donations via the “donate” button on the right hand side do not provide unpaid access to the “full” pre-built versions of Ardour for OS X. this button exists primarily so that linux users who obtain ardour from their distribution can choose to support its development. it it also used by people who paid very little to download from to contribute further amounts.

if you pay for a download then all future pre-built releases of the version you paid for (e.g. 2.X) will be freely available to you. if you sign up for a subscription then any pre-built releases that come out while your subscription is valid will be freely available.


few minutes ago I have chosen to pay ($30 thru paypal) to download the complete mac os x version of ardour and put a $4/month subscription.
How can I download this version now without to pay another time for download. I’m sorry for my understanding and for my very bad english.
Best regards.

You should not be asked to pay when you go back to

Unfortunately not, after place my order and return to the download page, I have no other choice that to pay another time for download the complete version of ardour mac os10. Strange loop :wink:

The fact is that I was not logged in when I’ve downloaded… So, in the future, if I want to download a newer 2.x realease, I’ll have to pay again, right?

Also, Is there any built for 2.8.2 for UBUNTU Hardy? If so, can I just download it for free or should I have to pay for it?

In the package manager of my ubuntu Hardy, the latest version available is 2.7.x… Any repositories that might offer the newer 2.8.2 version for Hardy?


That would suggest that you are not logged into the website. If you have a subscription AND are logged in to the website, then you should not be asked to pay again. If this is not the case, please give your paypal email address and I’ll check what is going on.

Yes, as I said, I wasn’t logged. Now, how should I proceed to download future OSX updates? Well, if that’s not possible, I may just donate a little more… :wink:

donation is up to you. If you don’t want, just grab ardour (the linux version, to be precise) from your package manager. It’s all free for linux users, if they want it so.