Donations now accepted in Euros and US Dollars

The move of Ardour’s main developer (that’s me, Paul) to Berlin to teach for a semester makes it sensible to accept donations in Euros, at least for 5-6 months. Just look over there on the right hand side, where those two bright glossy PayPal buttons are located. Those of you located inside the Euro-zone might consider using this option to support Ardour’s development. For the time being, the default amount roughly matches US$25, but as usual you get to choose the actual number.

i just compiled ardour 2.5 successfully and nailed a short demo within 30 min. awesome, 16 euros from me! not a lot, but you know, it’s hard earned.

schönen aufenthalt in berlin! :slight_smile:

Paul is coming to Germany! That’s really good news for the German Linux Pro Audio world. Where are you going to teach in Berlin? Unfortunately I live at the other end of Germany…
Anyway, viel Spaß in Berlin!

Welcome to Berlin!

I am extremely pleased to understand, that you come to my hometown! If there is anything I can provide (tipps, infos, connections - you name it…) just drop me a note :slight_smile:

nostrum fungitur

Paul is coming to Germany! That’s really good news :slight_smile:


I can just say, donate people, they deserve it!


Ardour is so great. Deserve to do.

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So Nice, let donate now.
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Donations Do? Good thing to make a donation.


Thank you again for sharing her time doing that as well.
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Have a great time in germany!

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WOW good move. It makes it easier for you and other. But, also your payment processor wont charge as much.

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