After my first track mixed with ardour and good feedback i’ll consider spending 10$ per month. (o:

Ardour will make you a better musician and song writer.

Your friends will be impressed.

Look mom no hands.

You will have all this and much much more.

For less than .35 cents a day you can stop dreaming and start your path to Platinum.

So what do you have to loose?

This could be your last chance to make a difference in the lives of others.

So don’t wait.

Pick up that phone and call, operators are standing by.

Better yet hit the subscribe button to the right of the page and become somebody today!

Excellent theory Lorpi… maybe we can convince Digidesign, Apple and Steinberg to follow the same model… and people should only pay when they have been successful!!!

Even better all the producers of nice VST’s (like Waves) so we can use them with Ardour that we expect Paul to spend all his time on and not feed his family… As well as all the other hardworking devs involved in this wonderful project…

Sorry I’m being a bit harsh… but the software won’t make your track good …If you like it and would like to continue using it and seeing it improve … please subscribe… if $10.00 a month is too much then go for one of the cheaper options…