...Donate to an Issue

I want to donate to support the addition of MIDI, but when I click the link, it just takes me to the Mantis page. There is no donate link on that page, just a list of the good folks who have already donated.

I think that the addition of MIDI would be a major step forward and would be the best chance at getting folks to donate enough to keep Paul going full time.

The absence of MIDI is what makes it hard for me to trade in my Windows PC for OpenSource. If I didn’t need Pro-Tools or Sonar to integrate MIDI with DAW features, I could go 100% open source.

Also, we need to find some way to get the word out to the musician community. Currently, I suspect that Ardour is known mostly by those very few people who are developers/geeks AND serious musicians. There are many of each, but few of both.

Just one more thought, If I could be spared from having to buy the next Windows upgrade and the next Sonar upgrade, (which would save me close to $1000), I would be all too happy to give a substantial portion of that savings to support Ardour.

Good news, MIDI functionality is on the way. It’s the biggest new feature in the forthcoming Ardour 3.0, currently in alpha.

So, please feel free to make a general donation, but I don’t think it’s necessary to specifically fund MIDI, since they’re already on it.

Check out the news page ( http://ardour.org/node ), and read all of the release announcements for the 3.0 alphas, especially the first one ( http://ardour.org/a3_alpha1 )

btw - fellow developer/geek/serious-musician here. fistbump