Doing anything in qpwgraph crashes Ardour

I installed qpwgraph to replace qjackctl and doing anything to a connection while Ardour is running crashes Ardour.

I made a bug report to qpwgraph here: Making a connection crashes Ardour (#21) · Issues · Rui Nuno Capela / qpwgraph · GitLab

I’m running Pipewire in stead of Jack so Ardour is not as stable as on Jack but that has improved a lot over the last few weeks. My system:

qpwgraph 0.2.2 Qt: 6.2.3 libpipewire: 0.3.47 (headers: 0.3.47)
kernel: 5.16.11-arch1-2
Ardour6.9.0 (built using 6.9 and GCC version 11.2.0)

Error message in console: “[1] 3135 segmentation fault (core dumped) ardour6”

Thanks for making me aware of qpwgraph; I hadn’t heard of it before.

It works in Ubuntu 20.04/GCC-9.3.0 with self compiled qpwgraph-0.2.2-5, pipewire-0.3.47-15 and Ardour 6.9 .
I’m starting Ardour using pw-jack -p 1024 ardour and I can connect and disconnect ports in qpwg while it’s running

The only thing I noticed is that when I close Ardour and then qpwg, the latter closes its window but doesn’t exit to the command prompt. I have to use Ctrl-C to kill it entirely.

Edit: qpwg doesn’t exit properly even if I’m running it just on its own.
Edit2 : it exits fine if I close it using Graph->Quit but not when doing it via the window manager’s “X” in the upper right corner, so that seems to be a qpwg bug.

It minimizes to the taskbar’s notification area here (KDE Plasma), and you can exit via right click menu from its icon there, so this is intended behaviour,

Yes, I realized that after I recompiled with -DCONFIG_SYSTEM_TRAY=0 and saw that it exited properly.
I hate when programs reconfigure the well established “upper-right-X exits the program” to “naah, I’ll just make you believe I’ve exited and run in stealth mode, aka systray, instead”.

Your assumption is not correct. The “X” means “close window”, not “terminate the program”.

To my knowledge those two have been more or less synonymous ever since the GUI became popular.
It’s only in the last 5-10 years that some programs have begun treating the X as some sort of TSR, “Terminate and Stay Resident”, button.

Ardour correctly treats “close window” as “terminate the program” and so do 95% of all the other programs I’ve tried.
There is a perfectly good “minimize” button I can use if I want the program to stay running without having to look at it.


For the record Qjackctl has ‘closed window to systray’ for many years… so it’s successor doing so is pretty much expected.

As for instability… running a self-compiled DAW built with a bleeding edge C compiler with a yet to mature Audio server being controlled with an alpha frontend all running on a Kernel with wet paint still on it… what could go wrong?? :roll_eyes:

We have to thank Microsoft for that. In some (but not all) cases closing the last window terminates the program.

On macOS, OSX closing a window never terminates the program, and Apple enforces this.

Actually some MS program also follow this rule (Office for example), and other tools like Acrobat as well. But since MS’s API does not enforce this we’ve ended up in this mess.

If you check the top-left context menu “X” is clearly labeled “Close [Window]” – not “Quit”. Same for keyboard shortcuts ctrl+Q vs ctrl+W in the freedesktop spec.

Anyway, sorry for this somewhat off-topic rant.

Yeah, I’m ranting too :slight_smile:

Teams is annoying and refuses to terminate even if I uncheck the preference “keep the program running on close”, but Word, Excel and so on do terminate on close. At least the Windows versions.

And qpwgraph terminates on “X”; but only if I compile it without systray.
The logical way of doing it would be that “minimize” is “minimize to systray” if systray, otherwise “minimize to taskbar”.

Having a minimize button and then a separate close button that’s actually, at least in some random cases, more or less another minimize button makes little sense to me, at least.

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