Does Vital work for you?

I’m having big time issues with Vital synth. The LV2 crashes or freezes when I try to load it. The VST3 loads, but it’s way too laggy. Barely useable.

Is it only me or anyone else is having issues with Vital?

I’m using Ardour 6.6 with Manjaro.

The vitalium LV2 from KXStudio : Repositories : Plugins works here with Ardour’s official binary.

The vital binary doesn’t work, due to library conflicts – Not working on Linux: Libraries are not statically linked - Bugs - Vital

It’s not just you. Many have issues t o to openGL incompatibilities. Hardware acceleration (or lack thereof). It comes up regularly on Ardour’s IRC channel lately.

@x42 and how about VST3?

Vitalium only comes a LV2. There is no VST3 available.

It has changed. It’s now LV2, and both VST 2 and 3 in the kx repo! :slight_smile:

Hummm… same problem here Does Vital really work for you on Linux? - Questions and Support - Vital

FWIW, Vitalium was not working in my system before. I’d get a message that it needed OpenGL 1.4, while I have 1.3. But the new version in the repositories now works without a problem in my system.

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