does changing the buffersize affect the automations?

Hello everyone
I’m somehow new to ardour and FOSS world but thanks to the comunity i’ve learned a lot…
and since I came to linux… I always figure out what’s wrong with the DAW then fix it and that’s cool, but this time’s diffrent
I started a project, recorded the full song at 48kHz 256 buffsize everything went well, I closed that project. the next day I opend qjackctl changed the buffer size to 512 (AND SAME SAMPLE RATE) to mix it with less DSP load and used some automations. One day after I needed more buffer size so that it can handle all the plugins I used last time so switched to 1024 (AND SAME SAMPLE RATE) and here begins the weird part, I noticed that my automations have moved! thought that was only on my output though when I exported that, the automations felt delayed and bad…
I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not, despite the fact that it works fine when I go back to the amount of buffsize back then when I first created those automations!
My question is: does changing the buffersize affect the projects automations or am I maybe missing something?

Ardour interpolates automation independently of the block-size, and for explicit automation points, the cycle is split. e.g for a block of 1024 samples a plugin may be asked to process 234 samples. Then a new value is set, and then the remaining 790 are processed.

However this is only half of the issue. Many plugins will internally dezipper or smoothen the control value. Also some plugins may internally do block-size processing…

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oww, I understand that not every knob or control value on a plugin is automatable and some plugins do process the whole samples some don’t, so my issue was about choosing the right plugin to automate from…Do you advice automating blindly with ardour stock plugins?
Thanks for the reply.

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