Does ardour2 recognize timestamped WAV files?

Hi Folks,

I have some files from a cubase sx session which are timestamped WAV’s.
Ardour2 shows me the right timestamp (shows it as timecode) when showing info about the file to be imported but once I drag it into a track it doesn’t honour anymore the original timestamp and considers the begining of the session as the “original position”
This way I can’t import external wave files from other software unless they’re consolidated …

I tried this with ardour2 svn from a week ago.

Is there anyway to import such files? they’re several tracks of different lenght files. Obviously, I don’t have cubase sx.

Reuben, Sampo, thanks to your answers I found the problem:

I had tried before:
.-Importing as a track, Importing as a region: as the originals are 16bit files, they get converted and therefore lose timestamp info :frowning:
.-Embedding as a region and then drag to a track: Once they become regions, ardour does not take into account their timestamps and if you drag them to a track ardour2 considers the beggining of the session as the original position.

Finally the right way to import is Embedding them into a selected track, this way ardour2 respects their timestamps. Problem is that it doesn’t remember them! I mean, if you move one of these regions and try to get it back to its original position ardour2 moves it to the beggining of the session again, so this means that ardour2 “reads” their timestamp just the first time it’s adding them to a track :frowning: kind of buggy, isn’t it?

These are called BroadcastWAV files.

If I remember correctly, they will be set to the correct time position if you import them directly as a track rather than as a region.

Did you try embedding the files instead of importing? Importing converts the files to ardours’ native (selected) format and might remove that information.