Does Ardour record every CC on MIDI tracks?

i am using Ardour 7.5 on linux.
I have two midi tracks Track1 and Track2 (with plugins) that communicate in the direction Track1->Track2, by sending some CC midi messages that are said to be undefined on this list:

It works well.

But if i record Track2, sometimes the messages are recorded sometimes not. I can not understand the logic. But i observe that the following MIDI messages are not always recorded on the track:
B0, 0E, x
B0, 17, x
B0, 18, x
B0, 25, x
B0, 26, x
B0, 27, x
B0, 28, x
Is there an explanation for this, what kind of message do you advice me to use instead?
I am not very familiar with all midi messages, this should be a misunderstanding of my part.

There is no filter for what CC’s are recorded.

BTW, “undefined CC’s” just mean that there is no established semantic for that CC number. There are no “actually undefined” CCs - any controller number from 0…127 is 100% valid.

Thanks very much for your answer.
So for the moment i don’t understand the behavior of what i observe: some CC events seem to be not recorded on track2, but all are transmitted from track1 to track2.

To check this, i put some print of the midi messages and i see all of them.
I have exported the midi file of track2 to read all the midi messages and indeed some are missing.


please file a bug report at and attach the MIDI file.

Thanks for your reply. I report this an an anomaly:
0009472: CC Midi messages are transmitted from one track to another but not recorded on midi tracks - MantisBT
I hope that i am not wrong.

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