Does Ardour really need JACK to work ?

I am finding a extreme pain to run JACK with Ardour.
Don’t know what I am doing wrong, but the last time I tried to move the red slider, it wouldn’t go back for playback.
Don’t know if this has anything to be with JACK, but can it just run on top of pure ALSA ?
I’m only going to record speeches, so I don’t really need realtime, do I ?

Ardour cannot run without Jack. And it doesn’t really have anything to do with realtime. Jack provides the interface to the audio hardware (through ALSA etc) and also all of Ardours audio routing capabilities. When you connect a track to the master buss that is Jack making that happen.

  1. The thing directly above the green “Time Master” button

  2. Set it to “Internal”

  3. Ardour doesn’t depend on JACK for timing anymore

  4. ???

  5. Profit!

  6. ReZound is (sadly) an obsolete abandoned project and Audacity is, in my xperience™, a bag of hurt. YMMV of course.

If you’re just recording speeches you could use Audacity or ReZound in ALSA mode.

Which versions of Jack and Ardour are you running?

Next to the big clocks make sure the “Time master” button is not green.

JACK 1.9.7
Ardour 2.8.11

My goal is to record the speech and export the audio file with a cuesheet, being that I may slide the track points anywhere in the waveform or have an option to create a track point every 5 minutes. I am going to look and see ReZound.

What if the “Time Master” button is green?

ReZound did something special which was to burn directly the WAV to CD, with tracks, etc. Using cdrdao.

The combination of Ardour and K3B, to the moment, is one of the best.

My issue is that I need to deploy a system that must have a ready burned CD in less than 10 minutes, after the speech.

How do I join regions in Ardour? (Let’s say I deleted 2 parts of the waveform, and got 3 slices, how do I join them all in one?)

The short version is that you wouldn’t, but shouldn’t need to either.

The longer answer is that you would bounce it out to create a new audio file and use up more diskspace.

My question would be, what are you trying to accomplish? If it is just to be able to burn a single file to a track, if you are using Ardour I would say using CD Ranges is your better option and export the entire session with a file.


That is what I meant. Ardour exporting to FLAC + CUE and burning with K3B, is the best thing.
However Audacity can export to LAME -V2, but isn’t able to create a cuesheet, so I am also working with shntool bash script to do this.
(The Audio CD speech should be with tracks of 5:00 minutes length, in case the listener gets lost in the middle of it and returning to ground zero.)

Major problem is that I am not going to be the only one operating the machine, as Ardour will be a little bit difficult to others digest. Whenever another person operates it, I need to make a paralell setup with Audacity and a script to make things simpler.