Does Ardour have portamento in it's midi sequencer?

I can’t find any reference to portamento here and would need that feature before purchasing.

@greyhawke: there is no version of Ardour that has been released that does MIDI sequencing, so you cannot purchase it even if it did.

That said, portamento as I understand it is a property of the receiver of MIDI messages, not the sender. My Kawaii K5000S for example has a portamento button that causes portamento between notes. If it is off, no portamento occurs, no matter what MIDI messages are sent to it. Since Ardour itself is not a sound generator (that role is reserved for instrument plugins), it doesn’t seem relevant to ask whether it supports portamento.

Do you understand portamento in a different way? There is of course the standard MIDI controller for portamento, which Ardour3 can handle precisely as it can handle all other MIDI controllers, with the proviso that Ardour3 does not “know” that a portamento control is supposed to only have two states (on/off).

It’s up to the instruments to support portamento like paul is saying.

If I hook my x0xb0x up and I draw some notes where on the end and on the beginning they overlap, the x0x will slide this notes.
If you use instrumentplugin Noisemaker you can enable portamento and set the level of sliding. It’s always the instrument that has to handle it because in the end it’s a sound that you manipulate while creating sound.

Ah. Thanks guys for clearing me up! I’m thinking of my experiences with Flstudio using Massive, Toxic III, etc couple years ago. What you’re saying makes perfect sense since I always had to control portamento through each respective plugin window (after overlapping the notes like you said cajmere.)
Thanks again!