Does Ardour 3 support sysex messages, nrps, and rps


I am hoping to move completely to Ardour since it now supports MIDI. I use hardware synths and need to send sysex messages(not dumps, would be nice, if Jack supports it now though) and other nprs and rps to these devices. Basically I am hoping for the same kind of support Rosegarden has for them.

Is there a MIDI spec sheet?

Thanks so much.


Ardour can deliver and receive all of the above with the following limitations:

  • sysex messages are limited in size (they can be fairly large, but no large than a single JACK MIDI buffer, whose size is user controllable in JACK1 but not in JACK2
  • nrp and rps are just standard MIDI controller messages that have particular semantics. Ardour can deliver & recieve them, but does not honor the special semantics

There are still many workflow issues to be resolved with MIDI. Basic stuff works, more advanced sequencing is painful.

Thanks, for the replay, Paul.

It’s a new feature, so I was expecting some limitations.

So, the sysex, nprs, and rps are able to be sequenced events, right? If so, It should be enough.

I hope that fine-tuning the MIDI workflow has some attention planed for to it.

Thanks again,


Intense work for MIDI is planned once the new “cairocanvas” branch is released, which will finally provide us with a powerful, portable, fast, flexible system for drawing the main editor window in ways that we haven’t had access to. After that, its MIDI all the way for a while.

This is good news paul. good good news :slight_smile: