Does anyone parallelize/cluster parts of their Ardour workflow?

And if so, please tell me how!

I know I could use jack over my LAN to another machine to apply effects, and then return that back.

But what about something that would speed up long session exports?

Short version, if you are using something like netjack, then the fastest you are going to achieve is a realtime export iirc. That is probably true of any solution for this purpose sadly.

If the export on your machine is going slower than realtime yes this could help to speed it up to realtime, but chances are it isn’t so it likely won’t help. There isn’t anything you can do right now to speed it up beyond that really that I can think of.

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Cool, just thought I’d check out whatever the latest is on this kinda thing. Thanks!

I had an idea how to parallelize session exports. If Ardour was aware of other Ardour clients on the network being idle, it could create a “sub-session” (say, with just a quarter of the tracks, or even just a single track), then transfer the sub-session to an idle client, which would then become un-idle as it exports the sub-session to a high quality intermediary similar to whatever Ardour works with internally. Finally all the intermediaries are mixed on the original machine, much faster as there is way less processing to do.

Infact, if I knew what I was doing, I wonder if I could script something like that…

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