Do VST plugins work with Ardour 0.99.3?

I have got Ardour 0.99.3 working perfectly on a Debian Etch (stable) machine.

I am planning to include VST Audio Effects support to my installation, but:

Should I update to 2.1?

Is a better option to download source tarball and try to compile w/VST support or would it be easier to use VSTHost with wine?

I am a bit newbie on this, so any path that can be shown would be kindly appreciated.

Still keep googling like mad anyway…:wink:


Compiling FST issues…

I am just trying to compile FST, in order to give it a try.

Unzipped stuff ok, `ardour’ folder and the likes succesfully created.

Vstsdk2.3 succesfully downloaded and unzipped inside the fst-1.7 folder.

However I am failing:

juanja@debian:~/fst-1.7$ sudo make
(…) winegcc -c ‘pkg-config --cflags gtk±2.0’ ‘pkg-config --cflags jack’ 'pkg-config --cflags jack -I. -o audiomaster.o audiomaster.c
winegcc: gcc failed.
make: *** [audiomaster.o] Error 2

Any help on this?

WineWiki and Googling “winegcc: gcc failed” did not help that much.

So help kindly appreciated.


for running vst, you anyway will need wine, but generally you can have all 3 installed, ardour0.99.3, ardour2(with or without vst) and fst. i am not running the vst version of ardour2, but i think that it is pretty stable/useful.

i am also realizing, that you are running ‘make’ as sudo, and i think that this is not recommended. you need sudo only for ‘make install’ and it is better to do the first two steps (./configure, make) as a simply user.
this is not the root of the compilation problem, but only a generally thing.
about the compilation problem, you better ask at the LAU list or you write to the programmer of fst directly.


If you do not succeed to compile FST, I recommend you to
go with 64Studio 2.0 (on Etch) that comes with FST repository. An easier way to install. For what I know of FST, VSTi are not working very well, but regular and smaller plugins for effects work great. You will also
need WineAsio (still in repository) and Wine. AT that
point it may be easier to upgrade to Ardour 2.1 when
checking Pre-version from the Update applications in

Just a thought, but do you have wine-dev installed? I know that Ardour requires that, not just Wine…

Thanks a lot, Nowhiskey, muzicman0, sirven…

I do have wine and wine-dev packages installed.

I finally managed to build succesfully Ardour-2.1 from source with support for VST plugins, which work great.

Anyway, I recently installed GNOME desktop. Since then, the plugins open in a
separate window from that with the «bypass» button; instead of the same, just as before (I was using Blackbox desktop).

How could this be solved?

Plugins windows wrongly drawn.

By the way, here is a link to a screenshot of how do the VST plugins window appear.

Both the plugin and the «Add/Bypass» buttons were supposed to appear in the same window, isn’t it?

Try running winecfg and changing the graphics->‘allow the window manager to control the windows’ checkbox.

Try running winecfg and changing the graphics->’allow the window manager to control the windows’ checkbox.

–That was it. Thank you very much.