do i need the software that comes with the Delta 1010?

is there anything necessary/useful included in the software packaged with the M-Audio Delta 1010? i’m trying to get a pair off of ebay, and the ones that don’t include the software are less expensive. will i be screwed without it, or do i just need to download the drivers to get them set up to work with ardour/jack? does the included software have decent sequencing capabilities? that alone may be enough to justify it’s purchase.


Everything you need comes with ALSA. There’s a great mixer for the Delta cards called envy24control, it comes with alsa-utils.

BTW: There’s no GNU/Linux software included on that CD.

magnificent, that’s what i thought. i figured i’d ask anyway just to be sure. hellooooo impending credit card debt!

i believe i spoke with you in a different thread about your mac. if you use the delta 1010 on your macintosh, the disc may be useful. no alsa for mac os x.

i decided to build a whole new linux machine and buy new audio interfaces. the MOTU and the mac can live happily ever after as a backup in the closet while i make sweet sweet music with the new computer and a pair of Delta 1010s.