Distinguishing between location markers & arrangement markers?

Is there a way to distinguish between location markers and arrangement markers?

On my X Touch, I’ve set up a couple of Function buttons to “Jump to next marker” and “Jump to previous marker” to navigate around sessions by jumping from one location marker to the next, putting markers for each verse, bridge etc.

In the session I’m currently working on, in addition to having location markers, I’ve added arrangement markers to note the chord progression as an aide memoire. The buttons now jump to the next/previous arrangement marker boundary, which makes navigation a lot slower as there are many more button presses involved.

I can’t see it on the menu, but is there anything like “Jump to next location marker” rather than the next marker of any type?

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No such action exists right now, but I may add one today or tomorrow.





both added to the codebase.


Brilliant, thank you!