Display the desired number of keys in ardour piano roll

Hi guys

As you know, some plugins like drum sampler/rack do not require a wide range of piano roll keys or even octaves.

Some require less than one octave, while Ardor cannot display this mode

Wouldn’t it be better to add an option to display the desired number of keys to the Ardor piano roll?
in bellow 5 key displayed

With this feature ardour do not need a channel rack or sequencer
you can like ableton impulse arrange drum note in one midi track

Note that the desired range of keys must be locked
And do not add to the number of keys shown by dragging track

This is a just a idea/suggest for the ardour team / no more


ableton impulse alternative for linux
speedrum lite
and drumkv1


Have you tried Hydrogen connected to Ardour via JACK? AFAIK, it would give you everything you described. I’ve used it a handful of times for drums and been very happy. These days I prefer https://x42-plugins.com/x42/x42-avldrums and play in with a MIDI keyboard.

Personally, I prefer the space gaps as it helps with visualization. When patterns/samples change it is easy to visually identify which one is which. Probably my workflow is locked in at this stage but my eyes don’t identify with the Ableton screenshot.

We are talking about drum pattern not melody
and in this case maybe producer need a one key of piano roll

I think it’s a very good idea

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sorry for this reply but this option in ableton is a good things for this case

Fold the Piano Roll

there’s nothing wrong with this idea at all.

but we do NOT review the forums for ideas and features, and if you do not move this to tracker.ardour.org then we will simply forget about it/ignore it.


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