Display status buttons?

Silly question – I can’t find how to display the Status Buttons (solo, etc) in the editor. They were there, and useful, and now they are gone with no obvious way to turn them back on, can’t find it in Views, Preferences, or the manual. Can someone please advise? Thanks!

Can you please attach a screenshot of the editor, and describe where you were expecting them/had seen them before? (there are several different things you may be referring to)

The three indicators (Solo, Audition, Feedback)?

If so, it should be impossible to hide those! Perhaps they are invisible because the screen is to narrow to show them? Can you post a screenshot of the editor window?

Yes, those! Here’s a typical screenshot

Not sure what I did to achieve this…

Looks like you’ve detached the editor window.

Menu > Window > Editor > Attach

Aha! That works. I had detached the editor to work on two monitors at once, but now realize you don’t have to do that. (why would you detach it, then?)

Most users detach the Mixer Window, and keep the main toolbar on the Editor.

It highly depends on your workflow. I can’t think of a good reason to detach the Editor on a default desktop system unless vertical screen-space is limited.

However on some embedded systems, or with control-surfaces that have physical transport controls and clocks, using a bare editor full-screen without the main toolbar can be nice.