Display of song/project title in large text box and auto load of next song/project

Hi All,

Am currently evaluating Ardour as an alternative to Logic for the playback of multi-channel content in a live stage environment. In Logic, you can have a large text box displaying information about the project (for example the current song - a song being a collection of audio tracks fed to a multichannel sound interface). Also it can be set, so when one song (or group of tracks) finishes playing, it automatically ques up at the next song ready for say the spacebar to be pushed by a musician on stage. Is this thing possible to do using Ardour?

Forgive me if i’ve not explained things very well, I do not confess to be an expert on DAW’s! :wink:

Short version is this is not what you want. You could conceivably do something similar using markers and navigating with them, but it really isn’t what you want for this. I would recommend Ableton Live (Or possibly Bitwig) or QLab(Used in theater for multichannel SFX playback)


I’m not sure if I understood the question correctly, but if you wan’t to be able to play back multiple multitrack songs on a gig, then you could just arrange all the song one after the other on the Ardour timeline and use location markers or region markers to write the name of the songs. You can use arrow left + right keys to jump from region border to the next. If regions are all continuous and as long as individual songs, then these keys will jump from song end the the start of the next.

Many thanks for the reply’s all. Location/Region markers seem to be the way to go here.