Disk too slow msg has started again

Good morning
The problem i raised in august 23 about disk too slow messages has started again. I see other people have been getting the same msg, for various reasons.
On a project started with ardour 8.2, using some sfizz plugins and various effects, with a 2048 sample buffer and the dsp generally less than 30% I repated ly got the message trying to move even audio regions less than 1 sec long.

Restarted in safe mode the dsp is less than 10%, I still get the msg
I renamed the config folder and installed ardour-8.4.0
In safe mode I still get the problem

I have archived the project

My system is AVL21.3 running on a 2017 Xeon Thinkstation, 32GB ram 512GB ssd and Nvidia p400 graphics.
I recently read something on the forum about problems with Nvidia graphics, could this be relevant?
I will go on the forum in a couple of hours
Many thanks

Recap from IRC chat:

The issue is that some Regions on the timeline are longer than the actual source (file on disk).

So the actual issue is: “Not enough data can be read from disk”.

That should be impossible, so Ardour interpreted this as “Not enough data can be read from disk in time”, which makes this “disk too slow” message appear.

The workaround was to trim the region end of affected regions in the session by a tiny bit. The underlying issue how this could happen is still being investigated.


Thank you for that recap, that makes some of the previous reports understandable. Previously I thought it very confusing that a system with SSD could ever report disk too slow, that just did not make sense from a physical standpoint given the latency and bandwidth of modern SSD.

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Thanks for all your help Robin.

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Good morning
Im getting disk too slow while editing midi during playback.
The midi part is routed to an external synth via the din on the UA22 interface
Heres a screenshot

The exact description is; quantising a soloed midi part during playback
dsp less than 30%, buffer 1024
also getting the msg when undoing quantize
Here’s the link to the archive:

Many thanks
Ps i really like the improved quantize :grinning:

I tried trimming the region. I removed 1/64th bar duration off the end as the last note went near the end. Unfortunately when i quantised the region during playback, the msg appeared. Is there a minimum amount that must be trimmed off the end to make it work?

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