disk space

i need to free a lot of space on disk, and i have a certain number of ardour projects. what is the correct way to eliminate files that are no more in use from ardour projects, or from sessions that are no more useful? or how can i save space anyway while i’m using ardour for recording and editing live instruments? thank you a lot

I guess it might work if you use a command from Ardour’s very first menu - I’m sorry that I only know the German name: in Ardour 3 the menu is called “Projekt” (“project”). There is a command called “Aufraeumen > Nicht benutzte Dateien entfernen…” (something like “clean up > remove files that are not used”): it (destructively) removes some reconstrucion informations about files that are not used anymore and seems to move those files themselves to a folder named “dead sounds”. I have not yet used this command but it should work :-).



That is the goal yes, and there should be a seperate command called ‘empty wastebasket’ that you can use after, BUT, make sure you test all snapshots etc between the clean up command and empty wastebasket command to ensure there are no issues before you delete the files.


thank you both for the useful information!