Disk not able to keep up when Surge XT (LV2), but a-okay if I add an empty audio track

I’m seeing the “disk system on your computer was not able to keep up with Ardour” when I try record a single midi track (with no other tracks in session) using the Surge XT (LV2) plugin.

There’s gotcha. Add an empty audio track and the midi track with Surge XT (LV2) will record as long as my heart desires (which was a couple minutes in my testing :). Don’t even need to arm the audio track.

Also, I can’t reproduce the issue with Yoshimi’s LV2 plugin and neither can I when using the Surge XT (VST) plugin. I’d say this is a Surge XT LV2 problem, but then there’s that “add an audio track and everythings dandy” fact.

Doesn’t seem like a hardware issue to me, but here’s my system basics anyway: Ubuntu 20.10 with lowlatency kernel and the ubuntu-studio performance optimizations installed, and my system is running from and recording to a 2TB Samsung 980 Pro NVME/M.2 and has 32GB ram.

Argour version:

Ardour 7.1.0~ds0
“Music for Films III”
(rev 7.1.0~ds0-1~bpo22.10.1~ppa1)
Intel 64-bit.

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