DiscoveryPro output count

I recently upgraded my discoDSP Discovery to DiscoveryPro. DiscoveryPro has a problem with Ardour which I haven’ figured out yet. When I insert it into a midi channel, it insists on having 10 audio outputs, instead of stereo. Regular, non-pro Discovery did not have this problem.

I wrote the developer, and he said it was a host problem: that usually the host allowed the choice of stereo or 10 outputs.

I tried it in a demo version of Bitwig, and it is just stereo there (I think).

I’m wondering if there is an easy fix for this. I remember that PianoTeq used to have this problem, and it could be circumvented by renaming the .so file (but I don’t remember how).

Any ideas?

Just checking up: Should I report this as a bug?

A bug in what? What format is the plugin? AU? LV2? VST?

Sorry to be so imprecise. I am running 64bit Debian with A3.5.403. The plugin is a native VST (
The developer claimed that in “other [hosts] they ask to choose between stereo or 10 outputs.” I don’t know how that selection is made, but Ardour doesn’t give me the option. I’ve tried removing the output channels in Ardour’s matrix, but it says “This port can not be removed. Either the first plugin in the track cannot accept the new number of inputs or the last plugin has more outputs.” There is, also, no option in the plugin’s interface or in the generic interface (as far as I could tell).

So I’m wondering if there is some VST function that’s not implemented in Ardour or whatnot (I have no idea what I’m talking about). I don’t know why “other hosts” would allow a selection between 10 output channels or stereo output and Ardour would not have that option.

The plugin’s fault? an Ardour issue? I know you don’t like using the forums for bugs, but I’ve never submitted one before and didn’t know if this qualifies

Ardour doesn’t offer the user a chance to choose. We pick the largest number of outputs, all other things being equal (*). Other hosts don’t offer the chance (this depends on the plugin format; some allow dynamic reconfiguration like AU, but VST does not), and pick the smallest number of outputs.

Ardour would need a change in its internal policy in order to make this work as you want or there would have to be an alternate version of the plugin (which some plugin makers provide).

(*) what we actually do is ask the plugin how many outputs it would have if we tell it that it has a certain number of inputs. In the case of VST plugins the selection of the highest possible value is done in our VST-specific support code.

Ok, thank you for clarifying that.