Disappearing Logic AU inserts

Just bought Mixbus yesterday and enjoying it - however - it seems to be very unreliable regarding using Jack as an insert to route from Logic:

Yesterday I was able to insert Jack into the master output on Logic, then in Mixbus create a new bus, and using the Track/Bus Inspector I assigned the inputs to this bus to Logic AU 1 & 2, then routed the master output from Mixbus back to Logic. Was using it as a mixdown insert, tape sat, comp & EQ etc, very nice!

Today the AU options showed up in Mixbus, then disappeared - I tried re-booting, restarting etc but they simply are not there.

Anyone got any ideas?

Also unable to get my NanoKontrol working with Mixbus. Have selected Generic Midi and tried ticking different boxes in the Control surfaces menu but to no avail. A working control surface is absolutely essential and really should work out of the box with no tweaking - suggestions please!

Hmm the dissappearing Logic Ports is interesting, not one I have heard of before. I do know many people just tell Logic to use the JackRouter as its output device, which allows for it to show up without the AUs in Jack(And thus Mixbus) so that might be the difference there. The Jack AU Inserts are distributed as part of Jack and not something I have used a lot.

A post describing what has worked for many people for using Logic and Mixbus…

In as far as the NanoKontrol, that one is likely you are missing a step, which is routing from your MIDI(In your case USB-MIDI IIRC) to Ardour itself. You will need a CoreAudio MIDI router application, Pete Yandell’s MIDI Patchbay is often suggested for this with good reason. You will want to route from your NanoKontrol, to ardour_control and back. Then when you enable Generic MIDI in Ardour, you should be able to CTRL+MiddleMouseButton on a control in Mixbus which will result in a popup telling oyu to operate the control you wish to bind to the Mixbus control. If you move the fader on your NanoKontrol, or Pot, or whatever you want to use to operate that, it should be bound to the appropriate control in Mixbus.

Thing is, CoreAudio has a powerful ability to route MIDI between applications, but no software to do it, thus why the MIDI Patchbay is so useful.


Excellent, thanks for this. Got the Midi patch app and got NanoKontroller working.

As to the AU thing, I had read that guide on Gearslutz - and followed it, that’s why I was perplexed since it worked, then it didn’t - I was using Mixbus as a master insert. I’ll try to do a channel insert and see if that works (keeping my Audio output in Logic to Yamaha Firewire.

Thanks for your help

Hmm what you can always try is setting Jack to use the Yamaha Firewire(You can use JackPilot to do this before you open Logic or Mixbus, Mixbus will then use whatever Jack is already running with as you set it up with JackPilot, obviously you have to hit START in Jackpilot before starting either Logic or Mixbus), and then set Logic to use JackRouter, which is what the guide mentions. Then all your Logic audio I/O will show up in Jack, and can be routed either to mixbus or to your Yamaha Firewire device(mLan?) as you wish. You will need to set Jack to use the same sample rate as your project obviously, but I suspect you are doing that anyways if you are using Mixbus with your project.