Disabling screen snap to playhead position?

Hi all… I hope this isn’t a RTFM kind of question, because I’ve been reading a lot of various FM’s (lol), but it’s entirely possible i missed this in the process.

When Ardour is playing, the editor screen automatically scrolls to follow the playhead position when the playhead reaches the far right margin of what’s visible in the editor. This makes it impossible for me to scroll the editor view back to the left in order to reposition the playhead without stopping playback or zooming way out.

I find this troublesome in some circumstances, so is it possible to disable this auto scrolling feature?

Yes, Transport -> Follow Playhead. Untick it.

Cheers! Pablo

Hi all,
how about Ardour 3.5 - is the “follow playhead”- feature available yet?
I can’t find this option and would love to use the auto scroll feature…

Any help appreciated!


Sorry guys … :open_mouth:

This issue is SOLVED.