Disable Mic Monitoring/Recording

I am sure that there is a simple solution for this but I haven’t been able to Google my way to an answer yet - I suppose because most people want to record audio with Ardour - I don’t.

I’m just starting out, wanting to use Ardour for video post production (In the past I have used ProTools, Soundtrack Pro, Audition, and for the last few years, Audacity)

All the editing/mixing tutorials I have seen just seem to import tracks and start working with them, but when I open Ardour, it is monitoring my laptop’s internal microphone.
I can play back my tracks, but any time I stop, I can hear the microphone again.
I have tried a number of different Preference options and toggles, but I haven’t been able to turn off all recording or monitoring of the mic.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated, I’m looking forward to exploring Ardour but I can’t get past this first hurdle by myself.

Ardour 4.6.0 (JACK session)
Kubuntu 15.10

I think you’re looking for “Tape Machine Mode” under Editor->Preferences->Audio (check the box).
This stops Ardour from behaving like an ADAT in this respect.

YES! thank you, I never would have guessed that name. OK, time to start editing!

tape mmachine mode worked , thanks nick