Disable Input Monitoring?

This must have changed in version 6.9.
I found the Edit > Preferences > Monitoring > Recording monitoring handled by: and mine is set to Audio Hardware.
But when I am recording, or not. The signal I send from mixer to the input channel can be heard in the buses. Such as the Drum Bus and then in Main Output.
I have a mixer with Mic sending through Aux Out to a FocusRite 2x2 into Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS with Ardour 6.9.

I also can hear every noise the mic will pick up without any recording options turned on. As thought the signal from the Mixer send is going through the Buses. It is not a hardware issue because I can disable the send to Ardour. Then the signal pass through stops. Turn Mic on to send to Ardour and monitoring pass through resumes. How to disable to monitoring pass through is needed.

I stumbled around and located the Session > Monitor Section > Use Monitor Section.
In that section I was able to go to Output Routing Grid and turn off the Outputs to Hardware.
That stopped the pass through. But the Output from the mixer, still shows input to the buses. Even turning the Monitor volume off, the level from mixer still shows in the Buses.
But all of this also did not work because then there was no audio output back to the Mixer from Ardour.

How can we disable Pass Through Monitoring?

So in the past 6 years yes, it has changed a bit. Among other things check to make sure you don’t have IN selected: (See #7 here):

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Menu > Window > Audio/MIDI Setup
has Record Monitor Handled by … set it to “Audio Hardware”.

That way Ardour will never implicitly monitor Input of a given track. You can still manually override this on a per track basis, as the manual that @seablade pointed you to describes.