Disable graphics hardware acceleration?

Hi all. I’m running a laptop with an Nvidia Geforce card on Ubuntu. What do you think would be an easy way to disable the graphics hardware acceleration so the card will not compete as aggressively with the sound card? Should I run the opensource nv driver or the proprietary nvidia driver? Thanks for your suggestions!

I’m not an Ubuntu expert but if you’re comfortable with editing xorg.conf on your own then a quick google should find you how to disable hardware acceleration if that’s what you’re after. But I would have thought that disabling hardware acceleration would increase the load on the main processor. You might be better off using the open source driver. But to be honest, in my experience with laptops the only thing you can really do to stop the graphics card being so aggressive is to run in a smaller screen resolution and with fewer colours (ie 16 bit instead of 24 or 32 bit), switch off any desktop effects you might be using, and don’t move any windows around while you’re playing audio.

are you talking about 2D or 3D acc ?