Directory for VST2 Presets

Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon

Hello, i found out, that the e.g. a preset of Speedrum Lite (vst2 version) is safed hiere: /home/stefan/.config/ardour7/presets/vst-1097618288

And here are all presets in one crypto file. If i want to work on another Laptop and create there a new preset…i’m not able to copy it to the studio desktop.

LV2 and VST3 have their own directories /home/stefan/.lv2 /.vst3 like /home/stefan/.vst3/presets/Apisonic Labs/Speedrum lite/Stefan-Standard-01.vstpreset
Unfortunately the vst3 version of Speedrum Lite can’t create multi outputs, because of special bevour of vst3 plugins in Ardour.