digi003 and ardour, will they ever work together?

i have a “digi003 factory” firewire audio interfact / controller here, since 6months.
very much would i like to try this interfact with ardour, since i payed nearly 3000 $ to acquire it and
i really enjoy it’s AD converters!

unfortunately i could not find a thread that explains how to connect the 003 to my also / jack

anybody know anything on the topic?

i am eager to do a few hours worth of tweaking in order to get this working, but i need someone to lay out the
basic instructions on what packages i need and how to connect.

any help?

Digidesign have never had much interest in making their hardware interact well with other software. They did release some specs for the DAE that allows Digital Performer to run on top of it. On OS X, they have provided a CoreAudio driver which is mostly functional but somewhat buggy, and any apps that use CoreAudio (directly or via JACK) can use the 003. This includes Ardour. On Linux, unless their h/w conforms to existing IEEE1394 specifications, its unlikely that there will ever be a device driver for it. There’s nothing particularly special about the 003 that would make it worthwhile to do the massive work involved in reverse engineering a driver. Of course, if Digi were actually interested in Linux support for the device, there are people who would do the work if provided with the required information. This seems unlikely.