Digi Design 001 PCI Card won't read in new PC

I recently purchased a new custom built desktop below are the details;

CPU Q6600 Processor
Mother Board - Asus P5K Deluxe
Western Digital SATA HDD 10,000 RPM

I am having problems with my computer reading the PCI Card, I’ve searched high & low on the Digi Design web site and found nothing, can anyone help me out with this.

I loaded Pro Tools LE 6.4 then checked my devices and it still shows the question mark for the PCI Card. When I launch Pro Tools I get the blue screen of death and my computer reboots.

Is there a driver for the PCI Card because I don’t have it and I don’t know where to get it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Btw I’m usuing XP Professional OS

Since Ardour doesn’t run on Windows, you’re not likely to find many people here who can help you. I’d suggest you visit the GearSlutz forums instead.

Don’t know if this will help, but have you tried installing the ASIO and WaveDrivers 6.1.1 (not 7.0 as it doesn’t support the 001) separately instead of installing them via LE 6.4 if you’re not planning on using LE? I would recommend removing LE.

The other thing is updating the PACE InterLok drivers, which I found to be causing a OS crash while starting up LE 6.4.

Those drivers can be found here:

With regards to the drivers I would say make sure that during the LE install you have the ASIO and Wave drivers checked to be installed as mentioned above.

Although this may not help with the card being recognized by the OS as having the proper drivers installed, I experienced blue screens when launching Pro Tools LE 6.4 until I discovered that memory execution security has to be disabled in the BIOS. After disabling that, Pro Tools ran perfectly. Also, LE 6.4 does not support hyper threading, so you may have to disable that on your processor cores in the BIOS.

I took an old Optiplex 755, upgraded the RAM, installed a second hard drive, and installed a clean XP Pro OS then disabled the default gateway to keep it isolated from the internet but still on my private network. I’m running Pro Tools off the OS drive and the audio files off the data drive, both SATA II 7200rpm. Now I’m easily running my Digi001 with 18 simultaneous in/outs and can run all 32 tracks during playback with tons of effects if I want. Dual core 3.0GHz processor… nothing special by today’s standards but this thing eats up my large audio files like nothing… pretty sweet for legacy hardware/software. All for free.

Hope this helps someone.