Digi 002/003

How compatible(if at all) is Ardour with the Digi 002 & 003? Do the motorized faders work, too?

There is no Linux support for digidesign hardware. See http://www.ardour.org/system_requirements/audio_compatibility for information on what’s supported.

Ardour does however support any faders (motorized or otherwise) which send midi CC’s.

2 extra points: You didn’t say which OS you use. On OS X, if there is a Core Audio driver, it works with JACK and therefore it works with Ardour. On Linux, the reason there is no support for digidesign h/w is that digidesign will not permit it. Please do not complain to us or to the world that “there’s no support for this/that hardware on linux” - 99 times out of a hundred, the reason it doesn’t work is that the manufacturer of the h/w doesn’t want to permit it to work. Every time the manufacturer of a device has released the information necessary to write a driver, the driver gets written at essentially zero cost to them and to all subsequent users.

Are there any other DAW controllers(besides the Mackie Control Universal and Tranzport) that will work with Ardour under Linux?

Mackie Control Universal Pro
M-Audio ProjectMix I/O
Tascam FW 1082/1884
Command 8 (I’m guessing not)

Maybe I’m missing some others.

the MCU Pro is (for now) functionally identical to the MCU.

any device that can generate generic MIDI CC messages can be used to control ardour. this includes most mixing desks that provide “DAW control”, and devices like the (no longer produced) PC1600x, and many other MIDI “fader boxes”. the best el-cheapo device right now is the Behringer BCF2000 and BCR2000, the former giving you 8 tracks worth of motorized faders and a bunch of knobs for US$200.