Difficulty Synching Recorded Trx in A3

I have been using ardour for a couple of years, and I’m not certian when exactly this problem has begun, but I have noticed that every track I record is placed about 30ms or so later in the timeline than it should me.
I have to individually zoom in and line bounced mixes back up with the initial tracking, and I am assuming this same phenomena is also occuring with my raw tracking, but with less visual information for me to correct them with…so all of my stuff is slightly out of synch (and increasingly so with each un-rechecked bounce).
I hope this makes sense to someone, because I am in the middle of a bunch of very large projects and I can’t keep up with having to zoom in to the maximum and drag every track I record back to where it needs to be!
Thank you in advance for your thoughtful advice.


Likely you need to look into the latency compensation abilities of Jack and Ardour. I am assuming you are using Jack here, but could be wrong.



Ardour should get this stuff right automatically, unless you’re doing unusual things. So if you need more help, you’ll need to provide very precise details on what you’re doing, with a particular focus on I/O connections and signal flow, as well as your own workflow.