Difficulty Exporting Audio

I’ve started having difficulty exporting my session into audio in the OSX Beta build 3.5.74 (from revision 3.5-74-g8c2cc85). Currently using only MIDI tracks (about 10) with virtual instruments (E/W Play) and one sidechain to a compressor for some ducking. On pressing “Export”, the progress bar does nothing (waited about 30 minutes to see if it would start). Empty files (of 0 length) are created in the export directory; no error message is generated. I only started having this problem with my latest session. Got my session to export once last night after some voodoo, but haven’t been able to convince export to work today. Any suggestions on what I might try?

Solved it, I think: I had to turn off receiving input from system_midi. Is this intended?

Shouldn’t really be a problem but CoreMIDI support is pretty much untested territory. How did you “turn it off” ?