Different volumes to the same track

How do I to set different volumes to the same track?

I explain:

For example, I have a track like that: --A—B---C–
(A,B,C are different points into the same track)

I want that the volume in A was 30% of maxim, the volume in B 70%, and the volume in C 50%.
I know that with the “Mixer” I can set the volume for the different tracks, but I want set differents volumes for the same track.

Thanks, and excuse my poor english :-S

Use gain automation - click on the “a” button on a track to show the pan/gain tracks, select “show all automation”… - draw your gain/pan info - tell the track to use “play” instead of manual state…

Walla! yer done.

Ok, thanks mtaht.
But now I have another question…
I have clicked the button “Hide this track”, and now I don’t see the track (obviously). How do I to see the track?

The editor window has a track list on the right of the canvas. In 2.0 you need to select the track/bus tab. There is a similar list on the left side of the mixer window to control the visibility of tracks/buses in that window.