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Hello I am a completely beginner in Ardour. I have to ask a question about how to insert different effects on different tracks. I have got an electric guitar and I connect it via a jack-usb mono cable (that is an audio interface but not a box, only a cable). Now… When I put the plug-ins in the master (like amp distorsion reverb etc…) all sounds properly, but if I put them on the single track the sound is still clean. On fb a kind guy explained me that I have to search and do something in the window of connections (the Alt+p one) but I am not able to do nothing. I would like, for example, to maintain a effect chain in the master and then just add another plugin to a track, in order to make it sound different from a second one. Could you help me, hoping that I was clear?

From what you write it seems to me that you are playing “live” into Ardour.

If this is the case, I would try the following:

add a new track and make sure that you have the correct input (check the terminology in the manual). This is done by selecting your USB-cable-thing in the input of the track (number 3 in the following picture)

Ardour by default connect the output (number 12 in the picture above) directly to the master.

Set the monitoring to IN (like in the picture, number 7) and you should be able to hear what you play.

Now you can add the plugins to your track (in the processor box, number 5)—usually you don’t put instrument-specific plugins to the master bus. You can change the sound by enabling/disabling some plugins by clicking on the green light to the left of the plugin name.

Also remember that the order of the plugins does matter—like the order of the pedal boxes in real life.

For everything else, I strongly suggest to read the manual. It is well written and quite exhaustive. You can start from here.


thanks for the reply, i will read the manual then, you have been very gentle. I will try right now, and, after that i will write in here what I have done thanks

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