Differences in sample values on importing and exporting a wav file in Ardour 2.8


I am a new user registered in this forum. I have a question with respect to import and export of WAV file in ardour 2.8.

I imported a WAV file into ardour and exported the same file using the same parameters such as no. of channels as 2,
sample rate is 44.1 KHz as that of the imported file. When I tried to view the exported WAV file using a Hex dump utility,
I found that the sample values are different.

Can someone throw me the light as to why such a difference is there?

I appreciate your early reply.


Data is converted on its way in and out of Ardour. Your WAV is an integer format but internally, Ardour has floating point accuracy. Ardour does a good job exporting quality audio, with options for dithering and such. Samples may be different, but it should sound the same, practically.