Differences 2.8.14 - 16?

There are a few irritating bugs - or is it me? - in my Ardour (certain functions like zoom or split will stop working) 2.8.14. Now I see there is a 2.8.16 available! Where can I see what’s new in the version?

Well searching the site for 2.8.15 and 2.8.16 would be a start, and would come up with these links:



Though to be honest if you are on Linux, I would look strongly at A3 instead of worrying about this, but that is me personally. I would recommend making a backup of any session before opening in A3 (Even though A3 should do this automatically) just in case.


Well I see you are posting in the OS X forums, so in that case yes 2.8.16 is probably your best bet for the moment, sorry.


One more question - why does the manual only mention Ubuntu if AVLinux is better suited? I think that’s mainly why I only looked in that direction … also, could I get along with the guidelines in “Installing (Jack, Ardour) on Ubuntu” if I were using AVL?

Primarily because IIRC none of those are necessary in AVL, they are already set up, that is part of why it is a better distro for audio in many cases.


OK I understand, thanks … again! You seablade are very fast and reliable!

All depends on timing, if I have some time I will reply, but these days time is often not something I have a lot of.


In theory, Ubuntustudio is better set up for music recording than generic Ubuntu, but from what I’ve heard it’s far from perfect. Also it doesn’t seem to be available in a Mac version.

Installing Ubuntu on a Mac may (?) be easy, but making it work well as a platform for Jack and Ardour may well be a different story. It’s not even easy to get right on a PC (I speak from experience), which is why distributions like AV Linux and Dream Studio are so popular with Ardour users.

OK, so I’ll wait for my MacBook to expire and get myself a non-Mac laptop and try AVLinux. Thanks all for your replies, it’s been enlightening! Tomorrow I’ll continue mastering the live recording from our latest gig, using Ardour 2.8 - an amazing program!! I wasted so much money on Cubase and stuff and came across this fantastic program by chance - I’m a big fan!

Yes and it’s the Mac’s fault, not yours because you have to adjust to every new release of the OS. I understand all that so I think the next time I’ve got a few bucks to spend … I’ll buy another guitar but the next next time I’ll get a non-Mac computer and Ubuntu studio!

what about installing linux on the mac?

what about installing linux on the mac?

yes I have been thinking about that recently … does Ardour run well on such a system? I found this:

but they always make it sound as if it were easy …


To be honest, learning a new OS is never easy. This is not much more difficult than moving from Mac to Windows for the first time for instance, though it is a little more difficult. But one thing I will say is that if you go this route, use something like AVLinux if it will install on the Mac, rather then Ubuntu. AVLinux and similar distributions are intended for multimedia production, and come already set up for it, Ubuntu on the other hand does not and will need additional work beyond just installing to make it suitable.


Hey thanks for this information seablade - I was under the impression that UbuntuStudio would be set up for music. I learned that it contained both Ardour and Lilypond (my favourite music notation program). I installed a “normal” Ubuntu onto my wife’s laptop and found it quite easy to get around … although, of course, we use that specific machine for office work and net only

Hi Thanks.

When my MacBook has reached its EOL, I’ll switch to Linux at least for my music soft. 3.5 looks great, hope it’ll be there for OSX too one day …

OS X support is always in the works, it in fact runs on OS X as evidenced by the beta testing, but there are significant bugs still at the moment.