Difference build number debug/optimized version

I noticed a big difference between the build number of the debug and optimized version of Ardour on the nightly download page. At the moment the debug version is at 319 and the optimized version at 526. Why is there such a big difference? What version should I use to get the newest build? Or is it just a different numbering of the same build?

Now are all versions on par again.

The build hosts/systems that create the nightly builds are scheduled to run at a specific time. The builds are built/compiled in series on more than one one host/build system and sometimes changes committed during the builds mean that the nightly builds are not all the same version. You may have also just been viewing the page while the builds were in progess. The big difference in build numbers was because a large number of changes were committed since the last nightly build.

Thanks for explaining.