did not load succesfully

Hi, my problem is as follows:

I have been using Ardour ·in a Ubuntu Studio Session without using Jack or any other thing, for a year.
Last week I reinstalled ubuntu (not the studio version, but Ubuntu 14.0.4 LTS), and reinstalled Ardour. I saved all ardour files in an external backup, and after the installation, I tried to run any of them in the Ardour reinstalled, but it doesn work…
It appears an error saying: Session “/home/m/Desktop/ardour/YER (snapshot YER)” did not load successfully
What I am supposed to do! Need your help, thanks for all
Waiting for your answer! :slight_smile:

I’m having very similar problem now.

I’ve created a session on an old system (KX Studio 14.04) and now I wanted to load it on the new one - Linux Mint 18 using Ardour 4 from KX Studio repos again, but the my old projects do not load.


Adding onto a 6 month old, unanswered post is definitely not step 1. For bugs like this, IRC is the right place to start.