Dialogue to name consolidated regions and bounces

I mentioned the need to rename sources in another thread but I would also like the option to name regions at the time they are bounced or consolidated (a dialogue box popping up when I click ‘consolidate with processing’ for example?)

Example: I import a sound recorded with my trusty field recorder which auto-names files so I have something like VOC_200528-0504.wav
(you see why I want to rename… and in any case I can’t see the whole name in the Source list and distinguish it from the other files I imported whose names are only differentiated by the last number, but that will be fixed when we can resize the column widths)

Next I want to isolate a bit of sound and add reverb (or some other process). I edit the sound, name the region ‘crunch’, apply reverb, consolidate (or bounce) with processing but I end up with a sound named after the track I happened to be editing on, not the region or even the source: for example ‘(bounce)Audio.2-1[2]’

Some folks might find that useful, but not me. Fine to have ‘Audio.2-1[2]’ as the default in a dialogue, so those that are happy just hit the enter key, but please let me call it ‘crunchverb’ if I want to.

If the fear is that renaming sources will mess up other sessions relying on the original name
a) make the rename dialogue RED! Add a warning, a disclaimer.
b) offer the option to copy the file in with a new name instead

And yes, I know I can rename the region, but I want to name the soundfiles i.e. sources that I make - I need to be able to organise my materials by name

I have implemented this change (based on your prior forum post).

The new file will take the name that you give it, but it will (must) also have some additional text appended to the filename to make sure the path is not identical to another file.

The “user-visible” part of the Source can be the same as other sources, and in fact it likely will. Consider the case where you select a Range that encompasses several tracks, Consolidate (or bounce) it, and name it “chorus”. All the Sources will be named “chorus”. But there is a new field displayed “Source Track” so you can tell which track it was originally on.

I’ve also changed the naming scheme so the text “bounce” appears as a tag, not in the region name.

I’ve queued up all these changes to push in the next few days. I’ll prompt you for further feedback as soon as it is ready. I think you’ll like it!



Ideally this would have been proposed and be discussed at tracker.ardour.org

Sorry - I thought no to post it in the Bug Tracker as it’s not a bug, but will post suggestions there instead in future!

Many thanks Ben, I look forward to testing.


See: Region list bloat

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