Diagnostic info after crash?

Ardour is crashing during an audio export, about 75% of the way through.
The good news is, it seems to be 100% reproducible.
The bad news is, I have no idea how to diagnose what’s killing it.

It’s not a complicated project: 2:45 long, a few tempo & time sig changes, 5 MIDI tracks, three of them each have one plugin (ACE Amplifier) with just a little automation activity. The crash seems to be happening at or near one of the few times that automation events happen.

How do Ardour users typically diagnose crashes? Are there log files anywhere that could shed some light on what’s happening? Ardour has crashed on me before, but under much clearer conditions (like deleting a tempo or time sig), and I found work-arounds. I’m prepared to employ a “don’t do that” solution to this problem, but it needs to be a lot more specific than “don’t export audio”. :slight_smile:

I’m running Ardour 8.2.0 under Windows 10, 16GB ram, plenty of disk space.
Thank you,
– Ed


How do Ardour users typically diagnose crashes?