device control panel

Hallo! I’ new in ardour and i’m trying the 3.5.143 version. As i start a new session, with no jack already started, on the audio/midi tab, there are some options about my system. The “problem” (?) here is that the “device control panel” option is grayed out (innactive)… I usualy use two cards (one usb and the internal pc-audio card), and i have that option with ardour 2, but no in ardour 3. Of course i can use jack options itself, but just wondering why is this inactive…

uvit: paste a screen shot via an image hosting site (e.g. Its not completely clear what you mean.

ah that button! uvit: that option does not even exist in ardour2 ! or even any version of ardour3 before 3.5 …

I have mudita and Maudio 2496 and device control panel doesn’t seem to be operational meaning I can’t click it to do anything.

dsreyes1014: the code is very limited at present. it only knows about hammerfall and devices based on the ice17XX chipsets.

paul: The Maudio 2496 is based on the ice1712 but I know that things are still being developed so no biggie here. Just thought I’d chime in as to the status of the button not working on my end.

Ok, thanks for the answer, i have no control panel for my device (a cheap usb audio interface…), But any way, is there in ardour 3 any option similar to “audio mode” in ardour2, so i can choose it within ardour settings? I have some images here…

Anyway, it’s not a big deal, as i can change it from qjackctl…

uvlt: no. the decision has been made to strip down the configuration options for JACK. If users need more control they will need to use a dedicated app such as qjackctl.

dsreyes1014: can you tell me that name for the card shows up between [ … ] in the output of cat /proc/asound/cards. Thanks.

paul: [M2496 ] is what shows with that command.

paul: Ok, thanks, it’s clear… Now (as i record my first track!!!) i wonder if there is a noise removal plugin… but i think has to be in a new thread… Thanks!


If you are on Linux the short version is no. There are options but no linux native option has impressed me with quality of noise removal. The better option is to record it so you don’t need said removal.