Development setup


I am happily building my own Ardour build for quite some time now. In addition, I would like to contribute by maybe fixing a bug or two. I did C/C++ development for many years, however, since about 10 years I am only doing Java development being pretty spoiled with GUI-IDEs and especially GUI-debuggers.

I am probably not ready to go back to MicroeEMACS and gdb, hence, my question:

Does someone have a recommendation/HOWTO etc. on how I can setup a development enviroment to do Ardour GUI-based development and debugging (e.g. KDevelop or stuff like that)?



Maybe check out the Eclipse CDT? I used to use this quite a bit in the past and liked it. I believe it works in much the same way as Java in Eclipse with a nice GUI debugger, code completion etc. I don’t have any Ardour specific info but you should be able to import the Ardour source into a project and tell it to use Ardour’s build system, waf (you may have to enter a couple of the waf commands from here into Eclipse as a custom build tool)

keep in mind that Ardour’s core developers do not use any GUI IDE environments.