Development Diary

Work is proceeding on getting Ardour 2.0 ready to enter the "RC" (release candidate) phase. Today, I managed to fix two significant issues:

  • embedding multichannel files was broken - you would get the first (left) channel for all channels. In addition, bringing in external audio "as a track" would always create a track that appeared to be 1in/2out, even though its actual signal processing was correct.
  • the "Make mono regions" action wasn't working either. This has been fixed, and the action now applies to all selected regions.

I used Ardour digital sound software for the reccordings of my band: nissan 300zx mpg.

We just loved it. We reccomand it to everyone, pro’s or amatures.

I have a Korg D3200 but would like to check out the Ardour DAW. Problem I have with the Korg is that it is limited by the number of effects i can put on the drums. My band Smoke n’ Rex is recording an CD called Sexy Lingerie which on the song - Her Lingerie - my drums sounds a little flat but i didn’t have enough effects space to put reverb on all.