Determine "bad" plugin

I have a session that is currently not loading. (It did yesterday.) I can start with all pluigns disabled, so quite likely some plugin is causing the problem.

But the session has too many plugins for me to start removing them and checking. Is there a way to determine which plugin is causing the problem?

Is it reliable, for instance, to assume that it is the last shown before Ardour gets stuck? My session gets stuck every time after showing:

SF rate: 48000, n_chan: 4 frames: 89418
Convolver::reconfigure Nin=2 Nout=2 Nimp=4 Nchn=4
Convolver map: IR-chn 1: in 1 -> out 1 (gain: -22.8dB delay; 0)
Convolver map: IR-chn 2: in 1 -> out 2 (gain: -22.8dB delay; 0)
Convolver map: IR-chn 3: in 2 -> out 1 (gain: -22.8dB delay; 0)
Convolver map: IR-chn 4: in 2 -> out 2 (gain: -22.8dB delay; 0)

I do have a few instances of LSP Reverb/IR plugin, but I would rather not start removing them if it could be something else. (And I never had problems with them…)

Any help would be appreciated!

It is a possible indication but not a guarantee. One thing to try would be, make a copy of your session file, and then open the copy, and start working on removing plugins there. Then when you find the problematic, make a NEW copy, and remove JUST that plugin to see if it fixes it. If it does, I would make one final archive, and modify your original session file and keep working.


It would seem you are using an ancient version of my convo.lv2, and a not optimized debug build of that as well. If you use multiple instances of that plugin, you may run into the old FFT concurrency issue.

The official binary [1] is not affected by this, but depending on FFTW configuration Linux distribution or custom builds might be and result in a deadlock.

[1] x42 Zero Config|Latency Convolver

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Thanks, Robin! Updating zeroconvo.lv2 indeed fixed the problem! I had already had problems with it, and thought I had replaced them all with LSP, but there was one I missed.

It’s hard to remember to update plugins that are not updated by a package manager, but I will try to be more diligent in the future.

And thanks Seablade for the suggestion. It still is a lot of work, but it is probably a good idea to find what might be causing problems in the future.


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