Detect my VST plugins?

I have them working with FST, but when I run ardour2 they are not detected. The window is blank. Is there something I need to do besides but the .dll files in the VST_PLUGINS path location? Also, when I click ‘scan’ from the plugin window, it tells me that there was a problem detecting plugins in location ‘X’ (I’ve tried several locations).

And on a side note, is it just not possible to use any VST’s that require iLok authorization? If there was some way to run the iLok service in wine this might be able to happen. I seriously doubt it though. (Why does everybody have to be affraid of Linux?)

Install the VST plugins into /usr/lib/vst or /usr/local/lib/vst.

As far as I know, iLok does not work in wine.

Still doesn’t find them. Tried that already. When you say install, that just means copying the .dll file to /usr/lib/vst or /usr/local/lib/vst right?

Yes, exactly.

Did compile ardour2 with “scons VST=1”?
Did you install that version?
Do you start ardour via the ardourvst script which is installed when you “scons install”
Do you see a VST tab in the new plugin dialog?

yep. I get the tab and all that. I run ‘ardourvst’ but nothing. Perhaps I have wine configured incorrectly? Do you have to start wine before starting ardour maybe? I have no idea, I’m new to the whole linux/vst thing. I can get VST’s to work with fst though, so I’m close… oh so close. I’ll keep fiddling and get it eventually I’m sure.

Well… I double/triple checked. Plugins are where they should be. Ardour doesn’t find them. I said I’d keep fiddling but the more I think about it, I don’t know what else to try. Anybody else witht this particular problem?

Do you have read permissions to the plugin .dll’s and read & execute rights to the directory they are in?

Also, do you see any error messages in the console if you start “ardourvst” from the command line?

I have a similar problem. I finally got ardour2 to compile with VST, put a couple of VST’s into the /usr/lib/vst dir…ardour told me it couldn’t write to the directory so I fixed that. After that it detected them and ran them fine, HOWEVER, the next day after trying to get fst working and putting some more VST’s in there, when I loaded up ardour they weren’t detected. I tried making copies and links to /usr/local/lib/vst and still nothing. I then tried to load the original VST’s that were being detected and after pressing ‘connect’ there was no VST in the plugins part of the mixer strip! I am in the process of recompiling and seeing what happens

Ahhh… I thought of that and chmod 777’d the dlls to see what happened. Nothing. I did not however check the permissions of the folder itself. I will try that after I get home from work today. The dll’s are owned by ‘root’ and also in the group ‘root’ . Does that matter?

No error messages in the console when running ‘ardourvst’ . Its probably that I can’t

Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated.

Ah ha! Finally got it! For some reason I needed and extra drive in wine that points to ‘/’ Did that and works like a charm. For anybody who cares, this is how my drives are setup in wine.

C: = …/drive_c (which is actually ~/.wine/drive_c)
Z: = /

Got me, but it works.

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